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The Reality of Love

Several days ago, I watched a movie entitled 500 Days of Su mmer . It was a movie recommended by some close friends who knew that I loved watching romance movies. The story and the plot of the movie are quite complicated. However, that the love story is realistic is what makes me love this movie. Most of the romance movies, which I already watched, always have happy endings. The male and female characters will have the happy-ever-after life. Although there are problems and conflicts, there is always a way to solve them. Ba rely do romance movies have sad endings because when they do, it is not what the audience expects. Source: Watching romance movies too often, people tend to carry the thought of having a perfect relationship. Is it possible? My answer would be “No”. A relationship is like a chessboard consisting of black and white squares. We may share happiness with our partner today, while on the next day we may ar

Traveling Solo is a Good Displacement

Many people love traveling. It is believed that traveling can make our mind relaxed. Some people decide to travel when they are facing some problems. Going out from the city is a pleasant escape, especially when we do it with our beloved ones, such as family, friends, or colleagues. However, barely do people travel solo because traveling alone is thought to be less interesting. To some extent, traveling solo has many good advantages, especially when the traveler is having many troubles and wanting to make him/herself feel better. When a traveler is going out solo, she/he does not need to care about other people who might give a burden and she/he can have a great time with the nature. Therefore, becoming a solo traveler is a good choice when someone wants to find a displacement. Location: Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Displacement, one of Freudian defense mechanisms, is an unconscious defense mechanism where our mind tries to substitute something unpleas

We Shouldn’t Overestimate Ourselves

Based on Longman Dictionary, the word ‘overestimate’ means ‘to think something is greater or more important than it really is’. Overestimating happens when we see and consider something more than the reality. People tend to overestimate someone when that person is their idol, role model, or favorite person in their life.             Besides overestimating others, some people also like overestimating themselves when they have more wealth than others, when they are more successful than their friends, or when they consider themselves more knowledgeable than before. An experiment conducted by a psychologist shows that most people tend to rate themselves highly. The majority of the people in the experiment gave the score 8 and 9 in each category (looks, intelligence, personality, and career) for themselves.  Source:             By overestimating ourselves, we will feel we are good enough and we will have the tendency to underestimate other people. That is