The Reality of Love

Several days ago, I watched a movie entitled 500 Days of Summer. It was a movie recommended by some close friends who knew that I loved watching romance movies. The story and the plot of the movie are quite complicated. However, that the love story is realistic is what makes me love this movie. Most of the romance movies, which I already watched, always have happy endings. The male and female characters will have the happy-ever-after life. Although there are problems and conflicts, there is always a way to solve them. Barely do romance movies have sad endings because when they do, it is not what the audience expects.

Watching romance movies too often, people tend to carry the thought of having a perfect relationship. Is it possible? My answer would be “No”. A relationship is like a chessboard consisting of black and white squares. We may share happiness with our partner today, while on the next day we may argue and quarrel over some disagreements. Our partner about whom we always care can change and show his weaknesses at certain moments. Then, should we start disliking him because of that? There are various answers to this question. If you feel that he is the one, to whom you already give your heart, you will be strong as his being different is only temporary. However, if you cannot stand living with a person having a quality that you cannot tolerate; for example he is either a smoker or a drinker; you can assertively end the relationship and start looking for the better one.  


That is what happens to the main female character in 500 Days of Summer movie. She is too afraid of having a relationship, but then she falls in love with the main male character. Without wanting to have a status, she has the relationship with the man, and then she gets bored. The man is very disappointed when the woman ends the relationship. In the end, the woman gets married to another man whose character is not shown in the movie. The news of her marriage certainly shocks the man and one of the viewers, who is me.  A question appearing in my mind at that time was how the woman could do that, and after few minutes passed, I got the answer. That is the reality of love. Love is something random which is often unpredictable. Whether or not we love our partner deeply does not matter anymore. An engaged couple may even break their relationship and each of them can finally marry another person. 
In conclusion, movies are sometimes based on the reality happening to our lives. When it comes to love, we cannot predict much. Instead, we should be grateful for having the person whom we have chosen as our only one. Never take our partner for granted and always treat him/her as how we want to be treated back.