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The Reality of Love

Several days ago, I watched a movie entitled 500 Days of Su mmer . It was a movie recommended by some close friends who knew that I loved watching romance movies. The story and the plot of the movie are quite complicated. However, that the love story is realistic is what makes me love this movie. Most of the romance movies, which I already watched, always have happy endings. The male and female characters will have the happy-ever-after life. Although there are problems and conflicts, there is always a way to solve them. Ba rely do romance movies have sad endings because when they do, it is not what the audience expects. Source: Watching romance movies too often, people tend to carry the thought of having a perfect relationship. Is it possible? My answer would be “No”. A relationship is like a chessboard consisting of black and white squares. We may share happiness with our partner today, while on the next day we may ar