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Broken-Hearted is Not Always Broken

Who wants to get broken-hearted twice? NOBODY , of course. However, I felt it. What did I feel? Everyone who had experienced broken-hearted must know how it felt like. It cannot be described in words, so just feel it by yourself (LOL :D), but if you insist me on saying the feelings, yaaaah , I was feeling restless, inferior, exhausted by my own thoughts, and broken inside and outside. I kept blaming myself. I kept saying that I was the one who caused all of these problems. I kept reflecting on what had happened to me during these 3 months. Three months ago on August 6 th 2016, I was still on my community service ( Kuliah Kerja Nyata ) duty, and on that day, I was sick. I decided not to take some rest in Jogja because there were many programs that my group had to finish and I could not leave them alone. I was being too perfectionist. I wanted everything to be great and without any flaws. That was why; I forced myself to keep working without having a rest. On the other side, I exp