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The Advantages of Being Introverted

There are two types of personalities that have been a popular talk among people. Those personalities are extroverted and introverted. Which one are you? Many people assume that extroverts have easier lives because the world that we live in right now is dominated by loud noises, parties, and gossips. They also assume that being an introvert is not good because an introvert is a shy and quiet person. An introvert does not talk much and prefers going home and thinking by himself/herself. So, are you an introvert? Do you ever feel inferior because the society assesses you as a passive, weird, and useless person? Source: If another perspective is seen, introverted people are not mediocre. Some of them are even popular and inspirational people, for example: Albert Einsten, Bill Gates, Emma Watson, Michael Jordan, and Mark Zuckerberg. This article is written to show that being introverted is not negative. Instead, there are some advantages of being introverted.