Self-Reflection - Biarkanlah by Raisa

Biarkanlah - Raisa

Recently, this is the most played song in my playlist. I indeed like the singer, Raisa. All of her songs are my favorite. However, this song has its own special meaning for me. Sometimes, I care too much about everything happening around me. From this song, I realize that I do not have to be like that. I have to "membiarkan" or let go some matters that keep weighing my heart.

Learning to let someone go from my life to have a better life might be the best way to deliver my deepest pressure. Being a little bit ego for my own happiness might be the best sentence to comfort myself. 

In the end, Raisa's song lyric is true, "benar atau salah, kini tiada berarti, biarkanlah" which means whether it is right or wrong, it means nothing now, just let it go. No one won the show, even the opposite, both of us decided to give it up. So, I have to be strong and try hard to get over everything. Biarkanlah~~~



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