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The Art of Letting Go

Baby, you look happier, you do is a piece of Ed Sheeran’s song lyrics entitled Happier . This song is about a broken-hearted man who cannot get over his ex-partner. He admitted that he was happier when he was with her. Unfortunately, she was already in another’s arms at that moment. The man kept regretting, and in the end of the song, he said that he wanted to wait for his most beloved one. Source: What I like from this song is that it never bores me no matter how many times this song is repeated on my playlist. Why? The reason is not whether it is about the melody or the lyrics. Having been in that position once (twice this year) may become the excuse for my being sensitive to this song. Letting go of people who were once close to us is not an easy matter. Some people take us for granted without trying to appreciate the hard efforts that we have already given to them.   Thus, it is time for us to focus on our own lives and let go of people not being able to